Epic Solutions MMA Pushcart Features:

  • Simple set up – uses MMA material right in the bucket.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Quick and easy to change boxes — 4″, 6”, 8”, 12” and 24″ boxes are available.
  • Flat line or path finder – 6 hp powered path finder spike bar.
  • Speed Indication.
  • Other model variations available.

Capable of Flat Line and Pathfinder

EPIC Solutions pushcart MMA applicator is a gravity-fed spatter system. It creates an even application without pumps or spray nozzles to clog. It is capable of a flat line and pathfinder. The pathfinder spike bar is powered by a 6 hp Subaru engine. The MMA2000 has multiple box sizes, pattern bar, and drag box available. Different line sizes are as simple as a box change. The box simply slides on to holder and locks into place.

Epic MMA 2000 Pathfinder Configuration

MMA2000 Flatline close-up
MMA2000 Path Finder close-up

Path Finder Demonstration

Path Finder Operation

Epic MMA 2000 Flat Line Configuration

MMA2000 Flat Line Double Drop

Easy Cleanup

MMA2000 clean up
MMA2000 Flatline close-up
MMA2000 Flatline close-up

MMA Flat Line Demonstration