The Side Winder Road Marking Temporary Tape Remover

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Mid-Winder Tape-Removal Machine


Choose from a walk-behind or a ride-on model.

The WINDER Series are the roadway striping industry’s most functional and versatile temporary tape-removing machines.

SIDE WINDER™ Features & Benefits

The SIDE WINDER™ are SAFE, EASY, FAST! This type of tape removal equipment has been used for 4 years, by one of the largest pavement marking contractors in the USA, with exceptional feedback. Millions of feet of temporary tape were removed.

With an industry focus on SAFETY, the SIDE WINDER™ reduces traffic disruptions and requires fewer people on the street vs. manual tape removal methods.

  • All things being equal, these machines require less labor to remove tape vs. manually removing the tape.
  • Reduces workers’ fatigue and increases productivity on every job.
  • Fewer job-related injuries due to tape removal.

The SIDE WINDER™ has transformed a difficult, messy manual task into an EASY and efficient process.

    • Patented EZ FLIP™ Swivel Arm pivots from side to side in seconds.
    • Less physically demanding than manual tape removal.
    • Fewer steps are required, from tape removal to disposal.
    • The removal process creates neatly wrapped tape rolls vs. piles of tape. Up to 440 linear feet of 6” tape, OR 650 linear feet of 4”, can be wound on a single core.
    • Tape waste rolls save space on support vehicles.
    • Easy onsite loading of tape waste rolls makes disposal efficient.

The SIDE WINDER™ offers the most Functional, FAST, and Versatile tape-removing machine that the pavement marking industry has ever seen.

    • Remove tape faster and safer than pulling by hand.
    • Reduction of required man hours for tape removal.
    • Shortens traffic delays compared to manual tape removal.
    • Job completion time is exponentially reduced.

The Side Winder™ at Work!

The Side Winder™ Promo Video

SIDE WINDER™ Specifications

  • Linear Feet of Tape Pulled per (Full Core Caddie = 110 Cores)
    • Up to 48,400 linear feet of 6” Tape (440’ per core / 6”)
    • Up to 71,500 linear feet of 4” Tape (650’ per core / 4”)
  • 7.9 HP Honda GX240cc Electric-Start Engine
    • Charging Capacity: 18amp
    • Extended Run Fuel Tank (10 hours)
  • Onboard Core Caddy: 110 cores max
  • Electric Pump release agent sprayer
    • Includes wand attachment and reservoir
  • 2 ea. LED Night Lights & 1 ea. 360° Orange Strobe Light
  • Tandem Hydraulic Pump
  • Dual Wheel motors (forward/reverse)
  • Bidirectional spool motor
  • Patented EZ Flip pivot assembly
  • Adjustable seat with dual safety kill switches
  • Dual LED Headlights
  • Beacon/strobe light
  • Prismatic sheeting on back of machine
  • Parking brake with safety kill switch
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Diamond Plating
  • 86” L x 50” W x 80” H