Epic Solutions Detection Components for Raised Pavement Markers (RPM)

RPM detector and controller

STS300 RPM Detector Controller

Epic Solutions has come up with a solution for detecting roadway RPMs. No more paint striping over the RPM.
The STS300 RPM controller works with the STS2000 Timing system or as a stands alone unit.

The RPM detector system is based off of distance traveled, so speed is not a factor when repainting roads with RPMs installed.

Set the distance and start painting.

STS312 Magnetic Metal RPM Antenna

The STS312 magnetic metal RPM antenna works off the plowable marker’s metal casting, it detects the metal object ahead of the paint gun to allow time for it to turn off.

STS406 Laser RPM Antenna

The STS406 senses the reflector portion on the RPM and allows time for the gun to turn off.