The Cone Setter CS 3100 saves lives and labor by automating the placement of cones. Workers load cones from inside the truck bed. No one walks or hangs off the side of the truck. This patent pending RAM product can prevent the senseless loss of life that occurs when workers setting cones are hit by passing vehicles or simply fall from the truck.

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You won’t get nearly as tired running the CS 3100 as you would setting cones by hand. It is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Mount the CS 3100 onto any flatbed truck, 2. Have one or two workers, depending upon speed desired, slide cones into the cone magazine from inside the truck bed, and 3. With hand held control, you can control cone spacing manually or use the standard programmable timing package. The cones simply slide down the chute and stand up on the road. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

The CS 3100:

  • Requires only a driver and one person in back to load cones into the machine.
  • Manually sets cones at desired intervals.
  • Easily programmed electronic timing mechanism can set intervals automatically.
  • Can set cones from either side of the truck, while moving forward or backward.
  • Easy to operate with hand held controls.
  • Works with standard 15″ base cones up to 28″ tall as well as with 36″ tall cones.
  • Faster than manual cone setting.
  • Depending upon worker’s ability to load cones, the CS 3100 can set them at up to 15 mph.
  • Weighing only 57 lbs it can be mounted for use in less than two minutes.
  • The mount system fits easily into common stake pockets found on most flatbed trucks.
  • Reduce risk of injury and death.
  • Improve productivity.


This RAM comes fully equipped with everything you need to get started saving lives and saving labor through automation right away. The CS 3100 mounts to either side of the truck, with a static mounting system. Just plug it into your vehicle’s 12 volt DC power source. It works with standard base 15″ cones up to 28″ tall as well as with 36″ tall cones. The Programmable timing system makes cone placement simple. Additional features that make it even more convenient are optional.

The Cone Setter was designed to handle most cone sizes, up to 28″ or 36″ cones. Cones are placed in a track at the top of the machine at intervals to determine cone spacing on the road. It is over 7 feet tall and mounts onto a flatbed truck.

CS 3100 Specifications
Length: 65.9″ (1674 mm) Width: 23.8″ (603 mm)
Height: 80.3″ (2040 mm) Weight: 57 lbs. (125.7 kg)
Min air required: 4.5 SCFM @ 80 PSI w/ 20 gal reservoir

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is hearing protection required to run the CS 3100?

A. CS 3100 is well below the level that requires hearing protection.

Q. Is the CS 3100 easy to set up?

A. Yes, one person can set the machine up in a few minutes.

Q. Will the CS 3100 work with my cones?

A. The CS 3100 works with standard 15″ base cones up to 28.” It can also handle 36″ cones with no adjustment necessary.

Q. What kind of power source do I need to run the CS 3100?

A. Standard 12 volt DC power source and an air compressor is all that is needed. The minimum air required is 4.5 SCFM @ 80 PSI.

Q. Will the CS 3100 run in extreme heat/cold?

A. As long as it is kept in good condition it will operate if it has a clean and dry air supply. There are no known temperature limitations.

Q. How fast can I set down cones?

A. Cones can be placed at up to 15 mph, depending upon cone spacing and distance.

Q. What if I want to buy the cone setter and the retriever?

A. These machines can be purchased as a system for cones up to 28 inches, the CSR 3000, and for 36″ cones, the CSR 3036.

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