A Self-contained Thermoplastic Melting System

The FastMelt™ 650 is a completely self-contained thermoplastic melting system that holds 650 lbs. of material. It’s one of the most versatile supply systems with the ability to be placed in the back of a standard pickup, flatbed truck, or a work trailer for easy transport. For highly efficient thermoplastic striping and perfect for use with any ThermoMark™ applicator.

Safety First Features

Advanced Striping Equipment has thought of everything. The FastMelt 650’s fully modular design allows for complete replacement of all its parts – thus maximizing the longevity of your equipment and ensuring many years of dependable service and quality striping.

  • Fills an applicator in minutes
  • Melts and holds up to 650LBS (43 Liquid Gallons) at 400˚F
  • Fits in the back of a pickup
  • Compact: 48″ W x 42″ D x 51″ H
  • Lightweight (950 LBS empty)


Material Capacity43 US liquid Gallon
Heating SystemPropane gas
Empty Weight950 lbs
Loaded Weight1,699 lbs
LPG Fuel Tank99 lbs
Kettle BurnerRansome
Gas ControlChromalox
Hydraulic SystemTwo Stage high / low hydraulic pump
Spool ValveHC-M45 directional control with relief
Hydraulic Reservoir7 gallon with return filter
EngineHonda GX390
ConstructionModular design
Material AgitationDirect drive serrated anchor agitator, adjustable speed control
Material Temperature Guage50 - 554°F
Dimensions48" W x 42" D x 51" H