The Cone Handling System series of machines consists of a cone setter and your choice of either the CR 3200 Cone Retriever, for cones up to 28″ tall, or the CR 3236 Cone Retriever, for 36″ cones. After using the Cone Retrievers, you’ll wonder how you ever picked cones up by hand. These machines only require a driver and one person in back to unload the stacked cones from the unit. No one hangs off the side of the truck and no one jumps on and off to retrieve tipped cones. The cone retrievers can pick up cones in any orientation, standing or lying down, at up to 15 mph.

The CR 3200 and CR 3236 are built solid to take the abuse sustained from retrieving cones at high speeds, yet can set up in a matter of minutes by one person using the standard electrical hydraulic mounting device. And all this while saving lives, saving labor through automation.


Let your hands do the walking instead of your feet. What used to be labor-intensive and dangerous is now easy and safe. To retrieve cones in the past, workers needed to either hang off of a truck to grab cones while the truck was moving, or to jump off of the moving truck to get tipped cones. They often did this within just a few feet of passing traffic. Instead, the Cone Retrievers only need you to:

  1. Move the machine into place using the electrical hydraulic unit,
  2. Drive along cones in roadway that are tipped or standing,
  3. Let the machine pick them up,
  4. Have workers unload the stacked cones from machine with specially designed grabber hooks. All of this can be accomplished at up to 15 mph, depending upon the spacing of cones and the abilities of the worker(s) to keep up with the machine.

“One of the most difficult things to do is pick up cones that have tipped over. You either need to lean way down, or get off of the truck. That’s not a problem any more with RAM.”

Randy George
District Manager, Northern District

United Rentals Highway Technologies
United Rentals Highway Technologies

Benefits include:

  • Easy to operate with hand-held controls.
  • Requires only a driver and one person in back to unload cones from the RAM unit–NO ONE HANGS OFF THE TRUCK.
  • Pick up cones from any position (standing or lying down in any orientation) and stack them for the operator. No one has to jump off of a moving truck to retrieve tipped cones.
  • Retrieval speed varies by number of cones–up to 15 mph.
  • Setup takes only minutes and can be done by one person.
  • Reduce risk of injury and death.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Lower labor costs while saving lives.
  • Stacks up to five cones at a time before needing to be removed from machine.
  • CR 3200 picks up standard 15″ base cones up to 28~T tall.
  • CR 3236 picks up cones up to 36″ tall.


  • Specially designed cone retrieval hooks.
  • Electric/Hydraulic mounting system.
  • 12 volt DC power.


  • Static mounting system
  • Gas powered air compressor


Cone Retriever CR 3200 and CR 3236 Specifications
Length: 100.5″ (2253 mm) Width: 34.4″ (871 mm)
Height: 80.4″ (2032 mm) Weight: 463 lbs. (210 kg)
Minimum air required: 16 SCFM @ 100 PSI with 20 gallon reservoir.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to use a lift system to install the CS 3200?

A. No. While the lift system is strongly recommended because of ease of use and safety, there is a static mount system that may be used.

Q. Is hearing protection required to run the cone retriever?

A. Although the CS 3200 is well below the level that requires hearing protection, protection is recommended because of the air compressor noise.

Q. Is the CS 3200 easy to set up?

A. If the lift system is used, it is very easy. One person can set the machine up in a few minutes.

Q. Will the CS 3200 work with my cones?

A. The CS 3200 works with standard 15″ base cones up to 28″ tall. The CS 3236 retrieves up to 36″ cones.

Q. What kind of power source do I need to run the CS 3200?

A. Your vehicle’s standard 12 volt DC power source and an air compressor are all that is needed. The mimimum air required: 16 SCFM @ 100 PSI wihth 20 gallon reservoir.

Q. Will the CS 3200 run in extreme heat/cold?

A. As long as it is kept in good condition it will operate if it has a clean and dry air supply. There are no known temperature limitations.

Q. Will the CR 3200 pick up cones that have been tipped over?

A. The CR 3200 will pick up cones that are tipped over and facing in any direction with no need for the driver to slow down.

Q. How fast can I pick up cones?

A. If cones are spaced far enough apart, they can be retrieved at up to 15 mph.

Q. How do I get the cones out of the unit?

A. Removing the stacked cones from the unit is easy with the supplied hooks. You just reach out, hook onto the cones and drag them onto the bed of the truck.

Q. What if I want to buy the cone setter and the retriever?

A. These machines can be purchased as a system for cones up to 28″, the CSR 3000, and for 36″ cones, the CSR 3036.

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