Zirocco Hammer Jet Max


With our jet dryers, you can dry, heat, and clean much faster and deeper into the pores of the surfaces with non-flammable hot air than with any other methods. The quality of the line marking, membrane- and sealing work
becomes even better and safer because of cleaner and dry surfaces, which improve the adhesion.

  • Utilize the various nozzles for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Change nozzles quickly with the Zirocco quick-release system.
  • Document the completed jobs via Google Maps and time recording.
  • Drying speed 2.2 mph
  • Drying widths from 8"-39"
  • Powerful and compact - only 57 lbs
  • Larger fuel tank
  • Up to 2400 feet on a fuel tank
  • Various nozzle sizes
  • 18V 6Ah Makita battery – Up to 23 minutes of run time
    • Extend the number of operation days
    • Non-flammable
    • Better adhesion
    • Low fuel consumption
    • Ergonomic user-friendly design
    • Telematics reporting and diagnostics


      • LINE MARKING — Extend the season of work, get better quality and dry much faster and easier with jet dryers prior to your line – and road marking work at car parks, roads, runways and aprons, race tracks and railway platforms. Use the wider nozzles for areas or lines with larger sizes.
      • ROOFING — Dry roofs up to 10 times faster and reduce manpower and the downtime with nonflammable hot air. The non-flammable heating ensures safety by minimizing fire hazards, a crucial consideration in roofing operations, where the risk of ignition can be high.
      • JOINT SEALING — Dry and clean much faster and deeper into the pores of the surfaces, which increase the quality and durability of the sealings. At the same time our jet dryers enable you to finish the work in time, because the cracks and fugues can be dried and cleaned within only few minutes.
      • MEMBRANES — Improve the quality of your waterproofing and avoid using tents and other resource-demanding and cumbersome methods. Use the one-man-operated jet dryer to dry and clean instantly and efficiently just before your planned waterproofing activities.

      Telematics Reporting & Diagnostics

      • Locate machines and check their status at any time
      • Make reports for your clients and internal purposes
      • Remote support services from Zirocco
      • Use our mobile app for an overview
      • Turbine diagnostics

      Specifications & Data

      Drying speedUp to 2.2 mph
      Drying widths8-39” - delivered with 8” nozzle
      Dimensions & weightH: 60" W: 15-53" – 57lbs. exc. fuel
      Replaceable nozzleThe various nozzles can be replaced and installed in a few minutes
      Nozzle variations & purposeLine marking, joint sealing and waterproofing
      Fuel tank capacity1.9 gal
      Fuel consumption (average)5 gal/hour. 23-30 minutes of operation on a fuel tank
      Fuel specificationsStandard Diesel EN590 or Exxsol D80 Petroleum/Kerosene + 3-5% Zirocco Turbine Oil
      Battery typeMakita 18V, 6Ah
      Runtime per battery23 minutes
      Max noise level at 100%108 dB LWA
      Operating temperature-14°F to 104°F
      Turbine module service interval100 hours (recommended yearly) of the 9.5 lbs module

      How to use a Zirocco Hammer Jet