With deaths in work zones well over 1,300 every year — many of which are workers struck by vehicles — safety is paramount. Our designers at EPIC Solutions, along with respected industry experts, have developed and tested machines that take workers off the roadway and place them safely in a truck.

EPIC Solutions is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of technology applied to highway construction and related industries. We will build high quality machines that fill a need, while saving lives and labor through automation.

Everything that comes out of the EPIC Solutions manufacturing plant has been put to the most rigorous testing available and evaluated by those who know the job well–contractors and operators in the field.

Why RAM?

  • Reduces the risk of injury and death.
  • Improves placement accuracy.
  • Reduces the number of workers needed.
  • Gets jobs done faster.
  • Removes the workers from the road–NO ONE WALKS.
  • Sets up in a matter of minutes.
  • May reduce Workers’ Compensation claims.
  • Saves time and energy.
  • Vehicle stays safely in desired lane, reducing accidents.
  • Easily adapts to most trucks.
  • Easy to operate hand-held control.
  • Keeps the worker safely in the bed of the truck–NO MORE HANGING FROM SIDE OF A MOVING TRUCK.

Marker Applicator TPM 2100

The temporary pavement marking systems’s TPM 2100 applies “L” shaped reflective markers in adjustable patterns with greater accuracy than manual application.

Marker Remover TPM 2200

Removing markers can be as risky of a venture as applying them. Any time a worker must walk on the road surface, it can be dangerous. The patent pending marker remover TPM 2200 is so safe and simple to use that it only takes one worker.

Cone Setter CS 3100

The Cone Setter CS 3100 saves lives and labor by automating the placement of cones. Workers load cones from inside the truck bed or trailer. No walks or hangs off the side of the truck.

Cone Retriever CR 3200

After using the Cone Retrievers, you’ll wonder how you ever picked cones up by hand. These machines only require a driver and one person in back to unload the stacked cones from the unit. No one hangs off the side of the truck and no one jumps on and off to retrieve tipped cones.