“EPIC Solutions provides automation solutions to road construction and industrial companies, municipalities at all levels and others. We take slow, labor intensive jobs and make them easier, faster, more effective and efficient. Bring us your problem and we will design equipment, a new integrated control system, or just a new way to approach a problem or job that will save you time and money.” –Jeff Wilkens, CEO EPIC Solutions

Featured Solutions

Road Striping Monitoring System

m7logo copyEPIC’s M7 Monitoring Systems bring real-time measurement to the road striping industry. These programmable devices guage the weight of material as it is used, which is a more accurate and reliable measurement. No more estimating. You can stay in compliance with specifications more easily. No stopping to check the tank. Increase productivity.

Road Construction Safety

ram1EPIC’s Road Automation Machinery, or RAM, applies smart solutions to the toughest road construction jobs — handling safety cones and pavement markers. Placing and retrieving cones often has workers hanging off the side of trucks, and markers are applied by workers walking on the roadway, sometimes with traffic speeding by at high speeds. RAM keeps workers out of harm’s way, while saving you time and money.

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