EPIC Solutions offers a control system for all types of equipment. The WS2000 is a core control system gathering surface temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and GPS coordinates. Optional devices are available to mount to a sanding truck, plow truck, chemical truck and many more.


Sander: GPS information logged and displayed for location of application parameters such as rate of application, mixture ratio of chemical and sand, and placement of both.

Plow Truck: GPS information logged and displayed for routes, time and place plows are down, conditions of the road, such as ice buildup, stalled car, mailbox damaged and many more details. Chemical Application: GPS information on truck location, application rates, amount of material applied. System controls flow rates based on desired application rates, which are determined by number of lanes, speed of ruck, pressure of lines and more.

Fleet Tracking: Same control system can be used to track equipment positions, past routes and expected routes. By logging the GPS information system to a custom database stored at a central location or at EPIC Solutions Server, management can dispatch and track equipment.

With all options, information is stored on Micro SDS Card and sent to local office via cell phone or installed network. Downloaded when equipment is returned to the shop. Each truck has a unique ID number, GPS tracking and mapping can be downloaded on a laptop in the truck and in the central office. Update times depending on the type of communications method.