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Easylux Mini RetroReflectometer Kit

MiniReflecto Horizontal

The new MiniReflecto Horizontal measures the night visibility (RL), the Day Visibility (Qd), the visibility under wet (RL wet) and continuous wetting conditions (RL-2 rain) of road markings.

With repeatability of 2% and reproducibility of 5% the new MINI can make around 8000 sequential measurements per battery charge. The MINI uses standard AA size batteries –  easy to find and to replace at any time.

MINI weights is less than 2.1 kg – with AA batteries – and the size is very compact (255 mm x 160 mm x 220 mm). Those values are nearly half of the old technology competitors.

The MINI retroreflectometer for road markings meets all standards:

  • 30-meter by ASTM E1710 and EN1436 for RL (88.76° / 1.05°).
  • ASTM E2302 and EN1436 for Qd (2.29° ).
  • ASTM E2177 and EN1436 for RLwet.
  • ASTM E2832 and EN1436 for Continuous Wetting RL-2 .
  • 15-meter by NBR14723 (86.5° / 1.5° ). (optional)

The MiniReflecto uses LED technology, which makes the instrument almost maintenance-free and energy efficient. The innovative patent pending optical system is in accordance with CIE V( ʎ ) specifications, enabling accurate measuring of all colors and types of road markings – even profiled up to 15 mm.


The new MINI is smart, light and robust. It is time to forget the old dinosaur’s technology.

Android interface
Android smartphone bluetooth interface (optional).

Light and small handheld instrument: only 2.1 kg and very compact dimensions.

Remote Control
Ergonomic operation and wireless remote control.

Fast Readings
Fast readings: RL and Qd in 1 second

External Beam
Measurement of RL and Qd with External beam technology (allows RL-2 rain tests)

The new MINI can make around 8000 sequential measurements per battery charge. The MINI uses standard AA size batteries that are easy to and to replace at any time.

Airplane carry-on
Exclusive Airplane carry-on luggage compatible carrying case – dimensions sum less than 100 cm.

Profiled marker
Works with up to 15 mm profiled markers.

Our instruments are certified to EN1436

Retroreflectometer MiniReflecto Horizontal Image II