Plot out the current road marking conditions with EPIC Solution’s Road Condition Application!


  • Computer key shortcuts so driver doesn’t have to take eyes off the road.
  • Can be used with a computer or android phone, no special components.
  • Know exactly the condition of your roads throughout your entire district.

EPIC Solution’s Pre-Mark program categorizes each type of road marking; median line (M/L), center line (C/L), lane line (L/L) and edge line (E/L) with beginning and ending GPS coordinates that give the operator the quality of line inspected and total distance for each marking type.

Computer Keys 1-9 allow the operator to quickly mark each type of marking as good, fair or poor.

GPS receiver mounts on top of truck.

Data stored on USB or laptop can be uploaded automatically to the Cloud. Reports can be produced to view one specific type of marking, or all the markings within your district.  Printed version in truck available as well.

Take the guess work out of your current road conditions. Automatically plot your next road inspection with EPIC Solutions’ Road Condition Application.